Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolute to refocus on "The Backstage Fashionista"

What does it mean to be a backstage fashionista? This blog is dedicated to the college-educated, career-driven women whom balance life, love, happiness and fashion.  Particularly focusing on the same stylish, smart, talented and successful women who are blessed enough to become mothers. These women juggle it all and still manage to get things done while staying behind the scenes of fashion, and look fabulous doing it! (I once read, "If you want to get something done, ask a busy woman to do it.") I believe that a woman should never loose focus on herself and what makes her happy.  As a wife and mother I am partly setting the tone for my family dynamic, therefore it is important for my family to witness and respect the things I do to fulfill my life. I take care of my body, replenish my self-esteem with retail therapy and take time every night after reading to my children, to read something for myself. To my backstage fashionista's, this is for you! Happy New Year.

This is a collage of women in fashion that inspire me, particularly Kate Moss and Isabel Marant.  All other photos are sourced from Paper Magazine's wonderful article, "Fashion Mommies."

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