Friday, December 30, 2011

Prima Punk: a 10-Month-Old's Style

My little princess is already 10-months-old and has developed her own style. Due to her brother's hand-me downs and her unique personality, I have interpreted her style which is what I call: Prima Punk. Gigi has the grace of a ballerina, the discipline of a rebellious teenager and the eagerness of her momma. She is a tot size rock-star in her and her brother's world.

Gigi's daily outfits are generally defined by a mix of boy meets girl, however her night out outfit always consists of dresses and tights.

This was her Christmas outfit: brothers hand me down collard shirt from Janie & Jack and red bowtie/cardigan from old navy/black leggings from babygap/baby blucher shoes from Zara/headband from Nordstroms. (Images courtesty of

I find that leggings, cutesy tops and layered with cardigans are her go-to outfits since she is able to crawl, climb and be her rambunctious self while still remaining stylish.  I have to add the bows to maintain her "lady-in-the-making" status, insisted by her father.

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  1. I love it! Already defining her persona in this great world!