Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trending 2011: Solid Metal Jewelry Trend

Eli Saab A/W '11
There’s a new solid in town, a bold new jewelry statement that is here to stay.  A particular era, movement or style does not influence this exacting trend, as most trends are, but I have a hunch that the ancients may have inspired it.  When I discovered this trend, I thought of ancient Egypt - something Cleopatra would wear as part of her daily wardrobe.  The jewelry is clean, simple, minimal and modern. The metals are solid and shaped into various forms of cuffs and collars in gold, silver, copper and bronze. Solid Metal Jewelry is the future and not a recreation of the past. Minimalism started in 2010 and will be carried into the fall 2011 jewelry trend and beyond.

I do not think any potential barriers affect this trend.  Economically, solid metal jewelry can be less costly than other jewelry because it is minimal and made from metal. Being minimal and without embellishments or frills, people will not get easily bored of it. The solid metal jewelry is neither lavish nor elaborate enough to risk any disapproval or unwanted attention. Not even the visibility of the innovation can be enhanced unless stones or jewels are added, but it will divert from the innovation of solid metal jewelry. The only enhancement possible is to thicken the solid metal to really make a statement and we have seen this in the fall 2011 runway shows of Michael Kors and Elie Saab.  The fact that there are no eminent barriers or risks that may inhibit the consumers adoption of this innovation, it will be processed easily and adopted by many.  I think people will be excited about this new innovation of jewelry and eager to embrace their inner Cleopatra.
Michael Kors A/W '11

Michael Kors A/W '11

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