Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fashion is Never Finished!?

What does this mean? Interesting quote I heard from the character Mark Zuckerberg, while re-watching one of my favorite films, The Social Network. He compares fashion to facebook, and as we know it, both are yet to be finished.

My Interpretation:
I once learned that in prehistoric time, early man used fashion to "woo" the opposite sex. Like early man, every human being has a relationship with fashion. Fashion is needed to make-up an individual's identity, whether they like it or not.  In order to maintain the continuum, fashion is needed, and fashion will re-invent itself or invent itself according to the time, economic and social state of the world.  Until the end of time, fashion will be present.

BTW,  Mr. Zuckerberg, if your looking for a stylist, holllllla!!!

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